Local values, local ingredients

Something old, something familiar, something modern. In the iconic building and on the pergola terrace, halfway to the top of the mountain on the hillside, there has always been a restaurant. The Laposa family continues the traditions of classic hospitality in this place, with cuisine based on local ingredients and regional flavors. The kitchen technology is modern, the attitude is traditional: we don’t force rethinking, instead you get delicious classic dishes, after which the whole family licks all ten fingers.

There is a wonderful panorama to Lake Balaton, it is good to linger on the vineyard terrace, and the interior is nice and comfortable. With the renovation, a bistro kitchen based on local ingredients will be realized, which will keep pace with the development of Hungarian gastronomy, but will remain faithful to traditional tastes and atmosphere.

In addition to the food, we recommend the exciting, volcanic wines of Laposa Estate. Come in for a hearty lunch or enjoy the panorama with perfect bites and a glass of wine in your hand.


We are reopen in 15th of April!

Reservation on +36 87 431 382 phone number.


Rosé wines0,1 l 0,75 l
Laposa Rosé 2021600 Ft4 500 Ft
Szeremley Rosé 2021600 Ft4 500 Ft
White wines0,1 l 0,75 l
Laposa Friss 2021600 Ft4 500 Ft
Laposa Illatos 2021600 Ft4 500 Ft
Szeremley BalatonBor 2021
650 Ft4 875 Ft
Szeremley Badacsonyi Muscat Ottonel 2021
800 Ft6 000 Ft
Szeremley Badacsonyi Szürkebarát 2021900 Ft6 750 Ft
Szeremley Rizling 2019800 Ft6 000 Ft
Szeremley Kéknyelű 20061 200 Ft9 000 Ft
Laposa 4 Hegy / Olaszrizling 20211 000 Ft7 500 Ft
Laposa Apukám Világa / Olaszrizling 20201 150 Ft8 625 Ft
Laposa Kéknyelű 20201 150 Ft8 625 Ft
Laposa KőKövön Furmint 20191 000 Ft7 500 Ft
Dessert wines0,1 l 0,5 l
Szeremley Kései Zeusz 20051 800 Ft9 000 Ft
Red wines0,1 l0,75 l
Szeremley Birtok Vörös / Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah800 Ft
Szeremley Badacsonyi Merlot 2009
7 500 Ft
Sparkling Wine0,1 l0,75 l
Laposa Extra Dry1 100 Ft7 990 Ft
Laposa Brut1 100 Ft7 990 Ft

We have a wine-pairing idea for each of the dishes on the menu, be it vibrant, youthful items or more mature wines.

Feel free to turn to our waiters, who will be happy to help you make the perfect choice! The offers of our restaurant are based on the wines of two large wineries in Badacsony, Laposa Birtok and Szeremley Birtok.

These wines are exciting not only, because most of their ingredients are harvested from vineyards not far from the restaurant, but also because they carry the content and minerality of volcanic items.

8261 Badacsonytomaj, Kisfaludy Sándor u. 5.
GPS coordinates: É 46.790739° x K 17.499252°

Friday - Saturday: 12:00-22:00

Sunday: 12:00-16:00

+36 87 431 382

Bor3 Badacsony Kft.
8261 Badacsonytomaj, Park utca 26.
Manager: Tóth Miklós
+36 87 431 382